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Blender Camera: Photo Blender


Blender Camera: Photo Blender. Blend your photos in a very creative way! You can blend two, three or four photo together.Blender Camera Blends photos with effects and frames.
Blender Camera features:1) Capture photo with real time blender effect. *) Change the different blender effect. *) Apply the photo filters to the selected area. *) More than 30+ camera blending effects.
2) Edit the existing photo with blender effect. *) 30+ two photo blending styles. *) 18 three photo blending styles. *) 18 four photo blending styles. *) Choose the different effect to apply on the photo. *) More than 30+ blending effects. *) Support move and pinch gestures to control the blending.
3) Square Photo. *) Create square size photo with blur background. *) Adjust blur level of the background. *) Apply the pre stock background to the background.4) PIP Photo. *) Create photo in photo effect with 20 templates. *) Apply effect for both front and back photos.5) Basic Photo Editor. *) Edit photo with most frequent use of operations: contrast, brightness, saturate, sepia, sharpen, fisheye, fill light and so on.
6) Full set of photo collage editor.
7) Add Text on the Photos.8) Add Sticker on the Photos.